Practicals of Lean Startup - Part 3

There is nothing more difficult in your pursuit than finding the money to pay for your entrepreneurial idea. Be prepared to suffer rejection after rejection. Be prepared for people who will laugh at your business plans and tell you how "stupid" your logo looks like, and how amateurish your pitch deck appears. For those of you taking this path of entrepreneurship, be prepared for this; as long as the sun shines, you will face it. Finding money for your startup falls into two baskets: 1) scrapping and 2) other's


Practicals of Lean Startup - Part 2

Saving money on almost every aspect of your business is key to achieving success in the long run. Today's tip is helping you save on "internet data costs" for conducting your daily work.


Practicals of Lean Startup - Part 1

Starting up or running a business is a costly affair. I have heard several speakers admonishing entrepreneurs to practice so-called "lean startup". If you are like me, you would be wondering: "what is a lean startup".


Blackberry Passport powers life's most important things

There has never been a moment like now, where the most valuable asset we possess is our identity and the people we share it with. To take this for granted has severe consequences which has been amply demonstrated time and again.

Music video 1

Music Videos as Great Marketing Media

Generally speaking, we look to popular figures to tell us what has a “cool factor” in order to socially connect and be part of the society. When we admire and like what we see, we most likely decide to have it for ourselves.


The value of brand mascots

#Brandmascots have proven their importance in all the media channels used for advertising. In either static or dynamic ways, they help to humanise corporations and products you would otherwise have ignore. There are numerous ways to make a mascot stand out. It can be funny, ironic, clumsy or even despised. Design bureaus hold the key to generating as much human emotion from the largest possible audience.

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Do it with animation

Everyone loves animation! This is an example of our studio’s offering to new customers who wish to bring attention to their product or business. Here is what you get: