Blackberry Passport powers life's most important things

The postman hands you an envelope. It's from your mother. You notice that the envelope has been opened and its content read. The postman smiles and walks away. What would you do?

There has never been a moment like now, where the most valuable asset we possess is our identity and the people we share it with. To take this for granted has severe consequences which has been amply demonstrated time and again. Blackberry has withstood the commercial reasoning to "toy" with our precious identity which also includes our banking, financial and health data. It is this value which the Blackberry corporation extends to all of us, that makes it a company that is worth investing in. In the thicket of our daily existences, we can stay truly private because Blackberry will help you do that. Say "i love you" to the one you cherish without Google sending you an ad about some flower shop. Visit your "cancer stricken" mother at the hospital without some push notification selling you some location-based item. These two begin at the towering list of "intrusive" behavioral systems employed just to "sell some ad". The Internet of Things (IoT) where refrigerators and washing machines "talk" to you will make it even worse. Thankfully, only a quarter of the world are connected and for those who are within the network, Blackberry is the only choice.

Blackberry made several mistakes which caused a grand shift to other devices. Their new plethora of devices powered by the robustly built and dependable BB10 shows how serious they are in re-establishing themselves. It comes down to a significantly important question: whom you would trust to protect "your interests"? Apple? Google? Microsoft? Samsung? Mozilla? or Blackberry?

Blackberry answers the call. Secure, Safe, Protected, Reliable, Dependable. They design practical products whose primary objective is to help you to become efficiently productive. Everything else is secondary. It is a prudent step that Blackberry has taken to extend Blackberry with support for Android and to design the now popular Blackberry Priv which is powered by a "commando-style" Android, completely rewritten by Blackberry engineers.

In my opinion, Blackberry 10 remains the most secure platform and I'll stick with it. And the device of choice within that arena is the unique Blackberry Passport.

The Blackberry Passport is a beautiful and powerfully engineered smartphone. It's unique in all ways beginning with its square shape, gorilla glass technology, touch-keyboard and the intuitive Blackberry Operating System version 10. Apple devices will ran iOS apps, Microsoft devices will ran Win apps and Google Android devices will ran Android apps. With Blackberry 10 devices, you can install and ran all BB OS 10 Apps and Android apps, without allowing Google to "poke you" every square meter.

The question is: if you are unwilling to accept that a postman opens your mail, why is it ok with you when a tech company does that?

About the author: Sal Souza is an International Designer (Graphic, Visual, Multimedia, Broadcast Media, Industrial, User Interaction, User Experience) and IT Consultant with expertise in New Media, Web 3.0, IPTV, DTV, Media Production, Product Prototyping, Desktop Software, Interactivity, Mobile Applications, Traditional Knowledge, Geographical Indications and Cultural Goods. He lives and works in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.