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an hour

an hour

1 service type 3 related services Unlimited related services
1 persons 3 persons 6 persons
*Includes 21% VAT *Includes 21% VAT *Includes 21% VAT

All prices are exclusive of 21% VAT for Netherlands customers.
0% "intra-communal business waiver" VAT for EU customers.
0% VAT for EEA, EMEA, MEA, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Antarctica customers.
Standard Pricing includes commerical rights; with Author's Rights retained.
Premium Pricing transfers ownership to customer.
We accept all major currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Pricing FAQ

  • Standard Pricing

    The standard rate is the amount charged for a single service. If you want to hire a single person or skill (eg. PHP), then you can budget with this rate. Many customers often want to hire someone with a specific skill or programming knowledge. This rate includes Dutch service tax rate of 21%. We are located in Amsterdam and will include travel for up to a maximum of 1-hour of travel. Any distance beyond this threshold requires additional travel costs. This rate is also limited to customers within the Benelux region. If you are doing business outside this region, please choose another rate.

  • Choose your rate

    Within Benelux and for a single skillset, you should choose the standard option. Buisnesses or individuals within some of the EU region should choose the PRO rate. Some EU countries require extras and fall into the PREMIUM pricing. All EU and Worldwide customers should choose the PREMIUM option. If in doubt, please contact us.

  • Premium Pricing

    The premium pricing includes a full range of services and is project managed by a member of our team. It excludes travel and lodging if you require us on-site.

  • IP, Authorship, Commercial Rights

    In all our work, your IP is protected, plus with our PREMIUM pricing, we operate on a work-for-hire basis. The Standard and Pro pricing can be extended to transfer all design authorship and commercial rights to you. Please inquire with us.