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Ofamfa HCI/UX Studio.

We are #ofamfa - an international business that is passionate about designing aesthetically pleasing UX, UI, HCI, IxD, 2D, 3D, AV, Web, Apps, and GUI for digital products.

Our mission is to create visually stunning interfaces that enhance our client's brand impact and help them achieve their business goals. We offer a variety of design solutions, working in-studio, remotely, and on-site to ensure flexibility for our clients.

One of our core practices is the application of design sprint methodologies. This approach allows us to deliver innovative solutions that are tailored to meet our clients' needs. Our team of creative and technically skilled designers are multilingual, with diverse backgrounds and international travel experience. We are results-oriented and socially astute, with a strong focus on collaboration and teamwork.

At #ofamfa, we thrive on new challenges and love to inspire creativity amongst those we work with. We take pride in our work and are committed to exceeding our clients' expectations. Check us out on social media and contact us to see how we can help you maximize your brand's impact on your customers.


Sal Souza - HCI/UX Designer
Stefan Cummins - Project Manager
Lijuan Wu - Full-Stack Web Developer
Amber Branford - Industrial Design
Anil Doshi - Mobile Apps Developer
Phil Ambramson - Industrial Design
MaimaAbadel - HCI/IxD Design
Thomas Cramer - Multimedia Design
Michael May - DevOPS Developer
Roel van der Veen - DARQ Developer
Jason Gou - AI/Machine Learning
Kesha Verma - Security/Encryption
Joel Fincher - Security/Encrytion
Natsumi Hogashida - Data Scientist
Rahul Harron - DevOps Engineer
Ricardo DaSilva - AI Expert
Iel Goldmount - AI Expert
Hein Bouchardt - SEO
Jan Slinker - SEO
David Hughton - Blockchain
Ninke Pasch - AI Models
Hana Nhi - Data Scientist
Bong-Cha Wu - MERN Full Stack
Suleiman Kaya - LAMP Full Stack


Intellecutual Property

IP is important to every business and we know that. So, our approach is quite simple. Pay the right price and keep all your IP.

Remote or On-Site

One or more of our team members work remotely or on-site. We enjoy working from a distance, with some visits to your business, or on-site.

Payment Flexibility

We prefer payments in € Euros. Nowadays, nearly all currencies are convertifble to Euros. We also accept bitcoin and cash.


We display your work as part of our marketing objectives, but for an additional fee, we will transfer all design rights to you.


Our processes follow the Agile SCRUM model, with continuous improvement, continuous development (CICD).

Expert or Full-Stack

You can hire a single person or specific programmer (eg. PHP). It is even better to hire the studio to design your product.

Our Commitment

Logo Ofamfa is a leading UX/UI/HCI/IxD design studio specializing in 2D, 3D, AV, Web, Apps, Software, and GUI design. Our team of experts is passionate about building bespoke software applications from scratch, with no spaghetti code.

Whether you need an embedded GUI for your car, aeroplane, train or truck, or Web 3.0 PWA, Native or Hybrid iOS or Android Mobile App or a complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), IPTV IxD, Visual Design, Art Direction / Installation, Middleware, CMS, CRM, Custom PHP modules, Wordpress modules & templates, or set-top box software projects, we've got you covered.

Our expertise also extends to payment systems, gateways, and blockchain applications in the fintech, biotech, edutech, and mediatech industries. At Ofamfa, we ideate, conceptualize, design, build, deploy, and maintain your product or service, ensuring that it meets all your unique needs.

With formal cooperation with nine other studios in the European Union, Asia, and Africa, we have the global reach to design, build, manufacture, and support your new product. Trust us to take your project to the next level. Contact us today to learn more.


GM / Chief Designer